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WE saw this incredible offer at Wicked Diving about their Divemaster Program – liveaboards, khao la, similans yum

Similan Divemaster Internship Course

Divemaster Training on our Similan Island Liveaboard

Live, dive, learn in Thailand’s tropical paradise

Imagine waking up each day eager to start work?
Your office: The azure waters of the Andaman Sea
Your Job: Show people the most amazing places on Earth
End of the Day: Kick Back on the beach and watch the sunset

Divemaster course
Tomorrow: Repeat

The Wicked Divemaster Course grants you professional level SCUBA diving certification  – the first step on a career that will can take you anywhere in the world. You will be qualified to guide divers, conduct Scuba Reviews (Refreshers) and assist Instructors.
Earn a living, doing what you love!

Wicked Diving’s divemaster training program develops your leadership abilities, qualifying you to supervise divers, plan and prepare dive trips and even lead dive trips! By the end of the course you will no longer be a diver – you will be a leader!

During your Divemaster training you will be joining our liveaboard on trips to the Similan Islands and Richelieu Rock as well as our daytrips throughout the region. With the real world experience on our boats, as well as in our busy shop, you will learn what is like to lead the life of a working Divemaster – not just the diving.

This will give you the important skills that dive operators look for in their staff.

Wicked Diving’s DM program guides you through a wide range of skills through both classroom and independent study. You will complete several water skills and stamina exercises, as well as training exercises that stretch your ability to organize and solve problems. Finally all of this practice and theory will come together by the end of your internship when you plan, organize and actually lead dive trips!

Why should I do my Divemaster course with Wicked Diving?

Our Divemaster Training program is one of the best you will find anywhere – the goal of our program is make you a dive leader. With a mind to experience, safety, service and fun we aim to make you one of the Professional diving community.

We have chosen to do the Divemaster program the way we always thought it should be – intense, through and preparing you to work in the dive world.  Our team of instructors have lived and dived around the world, with experience on all the continents (except Antarctica). We have seen the “factory” schools and the dive center’s with 20 Divemaster Trainee’s doing all the work. Instead we work side by side with you through the whole course. You are not a slave doing our work for us, you are an intern, treated with respect and soon you will be an equal – possibly even hired on as our team.

Our courses can be conducted in English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Belgian, Bahasa (Indonesian), Thai and even American. Our staff consists of the most qualified instructors in the region – Including  Instructor Trainers for SSI, DAN, EFR as well as PADI specialty courses and more thorough training such as Technical diving, Advanced Cardiac Life support and more…

Our liveaboard offers the widest and most diverse selection of dive sites in the region. Of course we do trips to all the popular Similan Island Sites, but also to the less visited Southern sites and of course Richelieu Rock and Koh Tachai. With trips ranging from 3 to 9 days and the ability to join our exciting snorkeling expeditions – we offer a very wide selection of opportunities to gain diverse experience whilst doing your divemaster program.

Wicked Diving operates the ”Greenest” dive boat in Asia. The vessel is fuelled by locally produced biodiesel and low energy appliances. Our soaps and cleaning agents are bio-degradable and do not harm the reef. A portion of all our proceeds go to local NGO’s that promote the improvement of our community at large. Please ask us for more details if you wish to learn or join in these activities.

If the great boat, experienced Instructor team and incredible diving is not enough!!! – Khao lak is only one hour north of Phuket International Airport and home to some of the best resorts in the world. With restaurants and beaches to match – it is a very laid back and comfortable town. Lacking the nightclubs and party atmosphere of places like Phuket and Pattaya, it more than makes up for it with amazing diving, relaxing sunsets and low key lifestyle.

Finally our safety and standards are among the highest in the region. With staff that are actually employed by the hyperbaric chamber to coordinate emergency evacuations in the region. Having the only active Dive Medic in Khao Lak on staff should assure you of our standards (but we actually have two!)

Interested? Send us quick note!

When can I start my Divemaster training?

We only offer this course while our liveaboard is operating – Mid-October until May. The last internship will begin around March 15, so we can assure you of adequate training time. This will give you plenty of time to complete both the practical and theoretical sections of the course.

Our Pledge to you

The Wicked Team of instructors will always be available for consultation during your Divemaster training. If you are unsure of who to complete your course with maybe you should ask yourself the following questions:
1) Is my Divemaster course more than just a few dives from the beach?
2) Do I have 2 experienced Instructor Trainers overseeing my Divemaster training?
3) Can my Divemaster course be taughtin other languages, if needed?
4) Will my Divemaster group size be smaller than that of 4 candidates?
5) Do I get discounts on more liveaboards? Can I assist on more courses if possible?
6) Do I get discounts on future courses – including my instructor course?
7) Are your instructors the owners or just employees?
8) Is the dive facility I want to be trained in able to offer  Instructor courses and  specialty training in Wreck diving, Nitrox, Night diving, Deep diving?
9) Will My shop be able to offer all Safety training in ALL the DAN courses? To Instructor level?
10) Are my Instructors able to help me with career advice and are they well connected in the local region and in other dive resorts around the world?
11) Am I confident my Divemaster course will be professional, knowledgeable, interesting, real world and fun?

If you can answer yes to all those questions – then give us a shout. We are eager to have you join our family! Remember it’s important that you feel 100% comfortable with the facility and people where you undertake your Divemaster Training.

Unfortunately the one thing we cannot give you an idea of is sense of family you will feel at Wicked. Our shop is here because we love what we are doing, not to get rich. We started this shop because we thought that a dive shop should be warm, supportive and fun. If your passion is diving then we are here for you!

Interested? Send us quick note!

What we expect of you

You need to meet all the prerequisites for the Divemaster Course (see below). If this is not the case we can do the necessary courses or dives with you, or if you prefer, you can do them somewhere else before you come here for your Internship.
By the end of your Divemaster Training we expect you to have all the equipment required as a Divemaster, this includes the normal complete equipment and articles like a dive knife, compass, marker buoy, etc. What you don’t have we can offer you at very good prices.

You need to provide your own accommodation and food so you need to be able to live here for the time span needed without income. We are happy to help you find accommodation and show you the local markets.

Being of clean mind is paramount in preventing accidents. The well-being of you, our guests and our staff are utmost in our decisions. If you can not show up for your courses and dives with a clear head and sound decision making ability – we will not complete your course and we do not issue refunds.

Most important for us is a professional attitude from you (don’t worry, that also includes having fun), you don’t want to look upon it as a vacation. This includes good appearance, high standards of safety and service when dealing with our guests. If you would a job in the diving industry, we’ll train you! If you want to hang out on the beach and drink beer all day – go for it – just not here!

What you can expect of us

Wicked Diving does not care about your race, religion, color, sex, nationality or orientation. We will try our hardest to mentor you into the career of divemaster. We will conduct frequent and detailed lectures about all topics in your course (and more).

We will you treat you with a  professional attitude.   We have a lot of fun, but there can be risks associated with diving and we will work our hardest to prevent accidents form happening – THEN we will have fun.

We will offer all the tools, materials and knowledge you need to complete your course . We will celebrate your success and share in your failures. We will treat you as part of our family.

Interested? Send us quick note!

What all is involved in the Divemaster course?

The goal of the Wicked Diving Divemaster training program is to improve your level of diving and diving knowledge.  You should feel confident and knowledgeable in both the theory and practical elements of recreational scuba diving. You will assist instructors teaching real courses and get hands on experience supervising and leading dives. You’ll learn mapping techniques and map an actual dive site, guide certified divers, test and hone your rescue skills, learn how to handle stressful situations underwater and learn how to teach some programs.

Our Divemaster course requires you to;
Complete a series of waterskills and stamina exercises in confined and open water environments.
Three required training exercises that test organizational and problem solving abilities.
Mapping a dive site, including underwater and surface features
Equipment exchange: demonstrate the ability to solve unanticipated problems underwater
Conduct a class, under the supervision of a Instructor
Internship or Practical Training Exercises
Internship: hands-on experience supervising and assisting divers in actual programs, under the guidance of a Instructor
Practical Training Exercises: simulated scenarios in supervising and assisting divers, under the supervision of a Instructor
Plan, prepare and lead a dive trip

The training and experience you gain through our Divemaster program helps shape your abilities and attitude toward becoming a professional level diving educator. As such, many Wicked Diving trained Divemasters go on to become Instructors and working Divemasters around the world

There are three phases in the Divemaster programme:

1. Watermanship and skills assessment

  • Watermanship and stamina skills
  • Rescue evaluation
  • General diving skills
  • Developing Diver skills to demonstration quality. This we will complete over a number of skills circuits.
  • You will have to produce an Emergency Assistance Plan and map for a local dive site.

2. Knowledge Development

  • Diving physics
  • Diving physiology
  • Diving skills and environment
  • Supervising students in training
  • Supervising certified divers
  • Divemaster conducted programs
  • Decompression theory and dive planning
  • Diving Equipment
  • Emergency planning

3. Practical application
This involves training activities using various structured training sessions, simulated scenarios and internship sessions with actual Wicked Diving programs. These training sessions enable you to gain practical experience as an instructional assistant and a supervisor of diving activities, both as a coordinator and as an underwater guide. These involve courses on land, leading divers, preparing longtail, speedboat and liveaboard trips

Conducted as an internship over a minimum of 6 weeks, you will gain practical experience of student and diver supervision while working under the close guidance of our experienced professional staff.

Interested? Send us quick note!

What do I need before I begin the Divemaster Course?

  • Advanced Open Water Diver or qualifying certification from another training organization
  • Rescue certification or qualifying certification from another training organization
  • You must also have completed the Emergency First Responder course or have been certified in First/Aid CPR within the last 2 years (you must provide current certification).
  • Medical clearance signed by physician
  • 20 logged dives
  • 18 years old20

If you are not already an Advanced open water Diver or Rescue Diver, no problem- we can organize that for you. Contact us to let us know your requirements.

What equipment do I need for the Divemaster Course?

To start a Divemaster course, you don’t need any equipment. However, by the time you complete your Divemaster training, you should have a full set. In order to work as a Divemaster, most dive centers expect you to have your own equipment.
We offer advice and great deals on scuba diving gear – please contact us for further information.

What do I need while doing the course?

The Divemaster manuals you will require to buy and read in advance of your Divemaster course are:

  • Divemaster manual
  • Divemaster Diving Knowledge Workbook
  • The Encyclopdia of Recreational Diving

You will be required to have:

  • Full set of dive gear (available for rent or purchase at great discounts)
  • Surface Marker Buoy
  • Whistle or other surface alert device
  • Compass
  • Some form of Dive knife (Sea Snips are perfect)

Length of the Divemaster package

Over the course of the two liveaboards, you will do a total of at least 18 dives, if you require future dives to reach 60 dives (minimum required before qualifying as a divemaster), you can do further liveaboards for only 5,000 baht!!
There will also be plenty of opportunities to join out trips to local dive sites (and even exploratory dives) as well as joining our speedboat trips, so it should be pretty easy to get your 60 dives in the 6 weeks of your course.

How much does the  Divemaster Course cost?

The Divemaster Course costs 35,000 THB. The course materials are 7,700 THB.

A full set of equipment can be rented for 5,000 baht for the 6 weeks of the internship. We offer discounts on all equipment purchased (a very good idea if you are looking for work afterwards).

As this is actually the price of two liveaboards (included in the rpcie), it is an incredible bargain!

Not included in this price:
Room & Board

Interested? Send us quick note!

Life in khao lak

We can help you organize cheap accommodation in Khaolak. Serviced rooms can range from 8,000 and up per month. Simple bungalows can be found for 5,000 for month and nice houses can be rented for 10-15,000 per month. It is often best to share accommodation while here – both for economic reasons, but also to have a fellow DMT to discuss the lessons with!

Meals will cost between 40-180 (or more) baht per meal & beers are 25-70 baht depending where you buy them (eg 7/11 or a bar). We provide you with meals when you are out diving on the liveaboard, and lunch on the daytrips. Khaolak has a very broad range of restaurants and can cater to all palettes, from Thai to Indian to Swedish to Italian and beyond. Be prepared to pay more for those places!

Our town, Khaolak is only a one hour drive from the Phuket International Airport. But we are light years away from Phuket! The area is small, catering to mostly tourists You will find all the necessities of life here, but not the luxuries. We plan trips to Phuket to visit the Hyperbaric chamber every two weeks and these are great opportunities to pick up any luxury items or treats you might need. We also plan trips to the movie theater when special movies are released.

You might find life here easier if you have a scooter, but be very cautious. It is very common to have accidents, usually not serious, but they can cost you weeks of time out of the water!

You will always have access to free tea, coffee, water & fruit when you are in the dive center and there is a small fridge where you can keep a few essentials.

Interested? Send us quick note!


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