Professional Dive Courses In Khao Lak

It all starts with those first few breathes underwater!

This can happen while on vacation in the tropics and awakening to the reality of an alternative lifestyle!

Certain people find this experience as they swim over a coral reef and find themselves face to face with incredible marine life  and realize that this is the real world – not the cubicle back home!

Some people change their lives as they interact with dive professionals and see the rewards of such a lifestyle and how it can easily become a reality.

The international  dive industry is an incredibly exciting lifestyle to be professionally involved in and has many unique career opportunities all over the world for people from all different cultures.The Khao Lak Instructor Training center (Khao Lak IDC) is one of these places.

When considering a career as a dive professional you want to make sure that you get off to the best start possible! With your entire  dive career in front of you – you should be looking for the right dive center and staff to share your Divemaster/Instructor Course. You need to feel comfortable and confident  with the team and the facilities. You should be looking at a center that does  not claim or boast to be “the best” or “the biggest” – that usually means less attention,  dozens of students and a great big pyramid scheme.

There are other many massive commercial,  business orientated dive schools  to choose from. These are called factory schools – and you will soon know why! If you have never dived before and can get instructor certification within 6 months – something is wrong. Instead why not look for an Instructor Training Facility that offers a  more personalized, real world approach to instructor training?

Safety, standards and an eye to service is the real key to a good dive center! In addition look for a wide range of courses options – do these schools only offer basic courses or are there experienced divers too? Your experience should be applicable to the real-world. You will want to to actually work after the course is done!

A few questions to ask!

  • “How fast is the course?”  Wrong question – “How long is the Instructor course?” – that is the real question. As much time being mentored, trained and supervised as possible – that’s what you want.
  • Are the staff all made up of other inexperienced instructors?
  • How many dives do they have?
  • What certifications do they have?
  • Are courses taught in wide rage of settings

How many students have they certified?

Khao Lak IDC offers these options to a wide range of students. Located near the Similan Islands – This is one of the best palces to become a professional diver!


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