What is the visibility like on the Similan Islands?

The Visibility at the Similan Islands

The Similan Islands are known for the great diving, incredible marine life and…of course….the visibility. Throughout the year we experience 20 meters (70 feet) visibility on average. During the very flat seas on February and March we can have further.

As the Similan Islands are quite close to the Continental shelf we can get some amazing cold water upwellings. These bring Plankton blooms and colder water. However, this is part of what makes the islands so vibrant! This feeds much fo th marine life – from the corals themselves to the Whale Sharks and Manta Rays!

During the upwellings, visibility can drop to 1015 meters (30-50 feet), but there is still so much to experience! The corals are still there, as are the fish and…do we need to mention…the beaches!

One final word – The Similan Islands visibility is never afected by the mainland! The runoff and pollution is too far away to affect the visibility. So diving is great all the year-round – it’s only the safety of getting there that allows us to vist only 7 months of the year.

-Khao Lak Diving


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