Similan Islands – Marine life resource

Divers Enjoy the Diverstiy of the Similan Island Marine Life

Divers Enjoy the Diverstiy of the Similan Island Marine Life

In Thailand The premier dive sites are located on and around the Similan Islands.  These uninhabited tropical islands are home to some of the most dynamic and vibrant underwater ecosystems in the world.

Rocky boulder sites dropping off into the blue on the Western side

Sloping Reefs cover the Eastern side of the Similans.

Then the Pinnacles of Elephant Head Rock, Koh Tachai, Sharkfin Reef, Koh Bon and of course the most famous site in Thailnad (and one of the best inthe world) Richelieu Rock also bring a wide diversity to the dive sites.

It also means a huge amount of marine life! With so many different ecosystems it’s hard to keep track of all the different species of marine life that we encounter. Whether it’s the passing Manta ray or the sharks…what are they?

Fortunately there is now  good resource for Similan Marine Life.

While this is still in it’s initial phases, the page is certainly off to a good start – featuring plenty of things that are commonly senn as well as many things that are acommonly overlooked! here are articles about Cuttlefish, Wenteltraps and even Frogfish. As a resource – this will help any diver on their plans to visit and for those who have been fortunate enough to visit already – this is the place to help identify those strange things you saw on underwater The site will be updated frequently so we will be revisiting frequently and looking at all the new and amazing creatures.

Similan Marine Life


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