Similan Scuba Diving Dive Sites: Koh Tachai

Koh Tachai

The Main site is located just off the Southern tip of Koh Tachai. located withing the boundaries of the Similan Islands National Park, but geologically separate.

As there are can be cold currents from the ocean tides that are quite strong here –  divers are recommended to wear a proper wetsuit when diving in this spot.

This site features rock corals and sea fans with plenty of huge marine life cruising around.

Diving here requires the use of the guide rope connected to the buoys (there are two), as a strong current might sweep divers out of the intended target. This also means making sure you only dive with boats and staff that are safe and aware of diving conditions – please avoid untrained and inexperienced liveaboards.

Leopard Sharks, Manta Rays and even Whale Sharks are among the visitors to this site.

Always choose a dive center that has staff speaking your language, have insurance and are certified.

Similan Scuba Diving


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