Thailand Dive Sites – Elephant Head Rock

Elephant Head Rock Above the water

Thailand is home to some great diving. The Similan Islands are frequently listed among the top 10 dive sites on earth.

It is no wonder that the best dive sites on the Similan Islands are good – damn good! Among the most famous and frequently cited as “incredible” is Elephant Head Rock. Located right int he Center of the islands – just off  Koh Similan.

Elephant Head Rock is home to some huge pelagic visitors as well as some incredible macro as well. If you imagine a  massive pile of boulders the size of houses that just keep going deeper and deeper into the depths – then you can imagine what this site is like.

Due to Dive profiles and the great features of this site – it’s best to visit in the morning. This usually means joining a Similan Liveaboard as the daytrips usually arrive a bit late.

with Depths to 30 meters and far beyond – Nitrox is also a good idea.

For more on Similan island Dive Sites


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