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Similan Island Dive sites – Elephant Head Rock AKA Hin PusarIf you have any questions or concerns – please fell free to contact us

Elephant Head Rock is part of the itinerary for our Similan Islands Liveaboard North Tours

Between islands seven and eight lies Elephant Head Rock – or ‘Hin Pusa’.

A beautiful collection of submerged boulders, ranging from large slabs of rock to smaller stones. The relative isolation of the site between Islands 7 & 8 leaves it open to strong cross currents.

Conditions permitting drop down on the south side between the two large rocks which the break the surface. Stay close to the rocks until the strength and direction of the current has been gauged, and if necessary use the boulders as shelter. The south side of the dive site drops along a series of rock plateaus to a graduating sandy bottom which starts at about 30 meters and goes deeper – more than 50 Meters.
Keep the boulders on your left and work eastwards. Look beneath rocks for lobsters and large rays. A large channel can provide a good introduction to the dive, which sits at around 18 meters. Follow the opening through and then turn left into a smaller series of swim-throughs which bring you towards the north of the dive site.

If you skip the swim-throughs and head outside the site (rather than through) you will find some big fish hunting. Also spend some time looking for Frogfish, Flabellinas and other little stuff. You will be surprised by all that you find.
Conditions permitting continue swimming out towards the Northern-outer edge of the dive site over a sandy plateau where large White tips, Grey and Black tip reef sharks can sometimes be seen.

Turn back towards the rocks shallowing up to around 12 meters, where some inviting swim through bring you towards the center of the dive site characterised by smaller rocks and many small fish. Oriental and Harlequin sweetlips can often be found in the swim through as can larger groupers.

Also keep an eye open for some weird and wonderful nudibranches and in particular for flabbelina’s. Octopus, sea snakes and cuttlefish can also be found amongst the dead coral. Head south and you should come to an opening which begins at 12 meters and extends south to around 6 meters, where the current usually gains force. Beneath the large rock to your left is a long crack. Use a torch to look for baby white tip reef sharks. This can be a good place to end the dive, swimming back out to the north-east during the safety stop for one final look for Sharks, Rays, Giant Trevally and Great Barracuda.

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