Special New Year’s Trip – Similan Islands Diving Liveaboard

Celebrate New Year’s Eve floating in the bay of tropical island on the Andaman sea. Watch the sun go down after a late afternoon dive and indulge in a delicious New Year’s eve dinner. Stay up late and get up to the sundeck just before midnight to count down the seconds together with the others onboard and with a glass of champagne in your hand. Look up and you will see a galaxy of stars above you as bright as you have ever seen to start the new year with (we don’t use fireworks on New Year’s eve – we haven’t found biodegradable firework yet). Sounds good? Then join us for our New Year’s Special Liveaboard trip with Wicked Diving. We offer you 4 days of great fun, special surprises and amazing diving all around the Similan Islands. Why not jump to the trip details and booking section?

We carry only 14 guests on our trips, so the groups are small with a relaxed pace and uncrowded dive sites. Each cabin is air-conditioned with sea views and fresh air. There are 3 toilet / hot shower units on the boat and there is a large gear up area and dive deck. A total of 5 boat crew will be waiting on your needs and we also provide at least one dive guide per 4 guests. You will be treated to the best in Thai hospitality!

When you dive with us you make a difference. Our boat and trucks use only locally produced Biodiesel so your money makes a difference in our community. Wicked uses only fair-trade, phosphate-free soaps and detergents on our boats and in our shops so that we don’t affect our environment around us. Your sheets and towels will be 100% fair-trade organic cotton. Also, 10% of all our profits go to local NGO’s as we continually strive to make the world around us better.

Our staff are among the most experienced and highly trained in all of Thailand. Our continual training programs assures you that all staff are current EFR (1st aid) and DAN Oxygen certified. Wicked Diving has not one but two Instructor Trainers and an experienced Dive Medic on staff. We are the evacuation and emergency center for the entire region. In addition we conduct our dives and courses in English, Swedish, German, Thai, Indonesian, Dutch, Belgian and French (and even American).


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