3 Good reasons to take a Similan Islands Liveaboard

If you never thought that staying on a boat with 12 strangers for a whole week, far away from civilization and nothing else to do except diving, exploring uninhabited islands, eating and sleeping would be a great and exciting experience…then read on!

Your very first day on the Similan Liveaboard will immediately change your perspective about living aboard – meeting the crew and staff, the slow cruise across the Andaman Sea and the incredible ocean along the way!

Plenty Of Diving! Plenty of time to explore the islands!

With time underwater throughout the day – as well as the opportunity to snorkel, visit the beaches and relax under the skies of the Andaman sea…this is why you would want to be here? You will certainly enjoy every minute, every second in and on the ocean. You will even enjoy the time in bed too!

Everything and everyone is relaxed

Imagine waking-up with the sunrise, listening to the sound of the waves and knowing that Manta Rays could just be right under you – isn’t that a great nature wake-up call? Walk out of your cabin to see the sun rising over the mountains of Thailand, look to your left and see uninhabited islands and long winding reefs and look to the west and knwo the next piece of land is India! Even if you are not the typical morning person – this is a great way wake up!

And during the day you don’t have to care about anything except remembering all the incredible creatures you have seen under water to fill up your logbook or look for the names in one of the encyclopedias on board. The staff takes care of the rest.

The good thing about Great Similan Liveaboards – time to relax and enjoy. 3 different Sundecks, cabin space and the galley to snack in. Lots of room to ponder life and think about fish 🙂

People – just like you!

It is a real pleasure to find new friends while on a an expedition! People who are interested in enjoying life, experiencing Thailand and the Islands like no one else and of course – love diving!

Watching the sun set over the Indian ocean while the waves gently lap at the side of the boat. 12 other people relaxing with you…chatting about the incredible marine life and beaches you all saw that day.

Yes…Life can be good…

Similan Diving


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