Similan Islands Liveaboards – which one to choose?

With so many choices out there – it can often be hard to decide on which liveaboard to join! Did you know that almost all people advertising liveaboards are simply agents and don’t even own diving equipment? Did you know these agents ask for 30-40% commission for their services? By working directly with the owners you not only save money, but you get better service and clear answers to your questions.


Things we recommend you seek in any Similan Liveaboard trip:

Safety. does this liveaboard have SOLAS certified liferafts? For how many people? Do they Have Epirb? Do they have satellite phone? Do they have radar? Are all staff currently trained in First Aid, Oxygen provision for diving accidents and Marine life injuries?

Standards. How many divers per guide? When there are strong currents, huge schools of fish and incredible marine life like Manta Rays – you want to be in small group and have your guide looking out for you. How many guests per cabin? How many guests on the boat? When you get more than 15 divers on a boat, your trip can be ruined. Why would you travel to the ends of the earth to be surrounded by divers? Yuck.

Ecologically friendly. Does your Similan Liveaboard use biodegradable shampoos and conditioners? What about their cleaning products? The chemicals put out by most of these cleaning products destroys reefs. Does your Similan Liveaboard have a blackwater tank? Literally, many of these boats shit right where they dive!


In the end, your satisfaction comes first. Make sure you do the research before departing on your trip!


Similan Liveaboards


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